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Here at Amin Upholstery we are experts at revamping old living room furniture. One of our areas of expertise is armchairs. We all have our favourite seat or chair in the living room and sometimes you just don't want to get rid of it because of old stains or wear and tear on the material. This is what makes re-upholstering your furniture so good. We can maintain the shape and comfort of your old chair but make it look and feel brand new. Our armchair upholstery service includes over 700 types of fabric to chose from and even more leathers..

We guaranty to give our new and existing customers the best price that any armchair upholsterer in Glasgow can give.

We are the best armchair fabric re upholsterer in Glasgow so contact us today for a free consultation 

Armchair Upholstery Services In Glasgow

Armchair Upholstery Services In Glasgow

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Why Reupholster?

Sentimental Value

Reupholstering an old family piece is a great way to honor the memory of a relative and create an heirloom for future generations.  Adding an older piece to your collection also provides interesting variety and a topic of conversation.Almost anything can be repaired when it comes to furniture and even old pieces can be updated or modified to suit the current owner without taking away from it's unique charm.


High quality furniture is worth the investment of reupholstery as it will very likely cost less than replacing the piece with new of equivalent quality.  Often times a piece will be improved by reupholstery because of the standard methods I apply that are the norm for high end furniture. 

It Fits

A great reason to reupholster is when a piece of furniture fits you well or fits in your space well.  Even when a piece is showing it's wear and looking slouchy it can be repaired.  Padding can be added, replaced, repositioned or upgraded for lasting comfort.  Old worn out padding or inferior foam can be replaced with high quality foam and padding materials for improved support and longevity. 

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