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Chaise Longue Upholstery

As with the drop arm sofa, the chaise longue is part of the daybed family of furniture dating back centuries and is actually a merger of a daybed and chair.

The chaise longue has been found throughout history in many civilisations from very simplistic carved wood designs from Early Africa to an ancient Mexican culture called the Olmecs. Grecian art work regularly depicted gods and deities reclining on a chaise longue.


Today, there are many thousands of different shapes and styles of chaise longues, helped by the production being more economical due to advancements in machinery and engineering. Amin Upholstery have lots of experience reupholstering the popular Chaise Longue style of furniture.   

Rejuvenate Your Living Room Furniture

Why Re-Upholster Your Furniture?

Furniture Re-Upholstery Glasgow

 If you bought a high quality piece of furniture the frame will far outlive the cover. You bought this piece of furniture knowing it's what you wanted and you know it fits perfectly with the style of your house. So why buy new when you can reupholster it?

The cost of a recover is significantly cheaper than replacing your current piece of furniture which you already know fits in your home and is comfortable. We offer a wide variety of styles and high quality materials for you to choose the perfect material for you.

We will send out a team to collect your furniture from you and return it to our workshop where our team of expert upholsterers will re-cover your furniture for you and then we will deliver it back to you at a time that's convenient.

Re-Upholstery Services Glasgow

Re-Upholstery Services Glasgow

Furniture Upholstery Services Glasgow


Armchair upholstery is one of our most poular services here at Amin Upholstery. We have a huge range of materials and designs for you to choose from. 

Sofa & Couch Upholstery

Sofa and couch upholstery is another one of our very popular services. We have reupholstered hundreds of couches across Glasgow & Scotland 

Dining Chairs

Replacing the pads on your dining chairs is a great way to transform your old chairs in to a more modern or traditional design. Arrange a free quotation today.  

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