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Restaurant Booths

We can create beautiful booths for all restaurant themes. Customers love a nice comfortable booth to enjoy their meal. Installing good quality restaurant furniture will ensure your customers are happy to stay and sip on wine long after their meal has finished. We have materials and designs that will add style and vibrancy to your restaurant dining room. Contact us today for your free no obligation quote from one of Glasgow's top restaurant re-upholsterers.

Restaurant seating upholstery

All Styles Of Restaurant Seating

Not all restaurants have booths. No matter what style of restaurant seating you provide or are thinking of providing in your premises, we can help. Whether it's a brand new eatery or you are just looking to freshen the place up, Amin Upholstery has hundreds of materials and designs that will rejuvenate your dining area. Contact us today and arrange your free quotation.

Lounge Seating

A lot of restaurants in Glasgow have a seperate seating area where they can relax and enjoy and after dinner drink or two. The more comfortable the seat the more likely the customer is to stay in your restaurant and spend more money. If your chairs aren't comfortable they will just move on to the next place. Here at Amin Upholstery comfort is our number one aim. We can customise your lounge seating to a design that you prefer or you can choose from our huge range of materials, styles and designs. Contact us today for more information or to arrange your free no obligation upholstery quote.

Glasgow's Top Restaurant Upholsterer Service

Other Commercial Upholstery Services

Ice Cream Parlours

Ice cream parlour's are very popular across Scotland. We can provide all furnishing options. Whether you want leather stools or seating booths our designs will make your ice cream shop a beautiful one. 

Bar & Pub Upholstery

Here at Amin Upholstery we offer top of the range pub & bar upholstery services. We can reupholster seating booths, chairs & bar stools. Choose from our huge range of materials & designs.

Office Furniture Upholstery

Save money by repairing and rejuvenating your old office furniture instead of replacing them. We can re-pad and recover all types of office seating with custom designs, for example we can embroider your company logo to any seating materials you have in mind. 

Barbershop Upholstery

Whether you're opening a new barbershop or renovating an old one, Amin Upholstery can definitely help. We can create any style of barber chair style you would like. Old style or modern style, our expert designers will give your shop a classy theme. 

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